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About Us

Our Essence
At A Plus Plus Long-term Rentals, we transcend the traditional car rental model to become your trusted road partner. Nestled in Northern Virginia, our foundation rests on quality, transparency, and personalized care. We aim to demystify long-term car rental, crafting accessible, affordable, and straightforward solutions. We’re more than a mere business; we embody a community spirit, committed to enhancing your driving experience at every turn.

Our Mission in the DMV
Rooted in the bustling DMV region, we redefine the long-term car rental landscape for both personal use and ridesharing, offering all-encompassing rental solutions. Our competitive rates include insurance, maintenance, and depreciation enabling your peace of mind and freeing you to maximize your driving experience. With us, the burdens of car ownership and logistical headaches fade, replaced by a focus on your driving bliss and financial success. 

Our Commitment to You
Dedicated to seamless longterm car rentals, we eradicate the hassle of upfront costs and unforeseen charges, placing your focus squarely on driving. Our local DMV expertise ensures tailored, rapid and reliable support, just when you need it. Embark on a stress-free driving voyage with us; we manage the financials and logistics, empowering you to thrive in the vibrant DMV area. With A Plus Plus Long-term Rentals, streamline your personal rental or ridesharing journey and realize your aspirations.